Kerala Munnar Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary (India)

The Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary is located about 60 kms from Munnar. Situated in the rain shadow region of Western Ghats of Kerala, it receives only 48 days of rain annually and has predominantly thorny vegetation.

As you travel down the sanctuary, you will see a significant variation in altitude and rainfall, which is reflected in the wide variety of vegetation – from thorny forests to deciduous forests, riparian types, sholas and grasslands. Plains, hillocks, rocks and cliffs intersperse the landscape providing a rich and varied habitat for the flora and fauna that roam its jungles and a visual treat for a Nature lover.

As you move from Karimuthi to Chinnar, you will see herds of elephants, spotted deer, sambhar, Hanuman Monkey, gaur and if you are lucky, may be even a tiger. Look out for the famous ‘white bison of Manjampatti.

Chinnar is said to have a rich variety of reptilian fauna. A number of reptiles like vipers, kraits, cobras, pythons, etc. can be found here. The forests along Chinnar and Pambar support a healthy population of the Grizzled Giant Squirrel. With 225 species of birds, Chinnar is rich in avian diversity. It is also a well-known repository of medicinal plants.

The undulating relief features with rock-strewn patches add to the picturesque grandeur of the Sanctuary and offers ideal condition for trekking and mountain climbing. Trek or drive through the sanctuary by day and unlock its secrets. Feel the rush of excitement as spot a beautiful Peacock languidly crossing the pathway or wonder at the antics of the Hanuman Monkey as its swings between trees.

As the night falls, enjoy the unusual sounds of the forest and its fauna. Good accommodation is available for a variety of budgets. Boating facilities are also available at the sanctuary. An added attraction is the vast sandalwood forest nearby. Inhale the lovely fragrance of sandalwood as you watch herds of bison pass by.

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