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Punjab is one of the leading states of India in terms of infrastructure and per capita income. It is also known for its sports and hosiery goods industry. Punjab is located in the northern region of the Indian mainland and has been the stage for remarkable events that changed the course of India’s history. It is the land of the Indus Valley Civilization as traces of its presence could be spotted in the town of Ropar. Enjoy the unparalleled hospitality and warmth of the natives and be a part of celebrations that remain indispensable to the Punjabi tradition. Some of the leading tourist attractions in Punjab are: 
Golden Temple: 
It is a highly revered religious building, with a dome covered with gold. It is a holy shrine for the Sikhs but people from various other religions also drop in here to catch a glimpse of this holy place. The temple is exquisitely adorned with intricate designs and carvings. It is a must-see site if you plan to travel to Punjab. 


The city of Amritsar experiences extreme weather conditions with highs of 40 C and lows of upto -3 C. The Golden Temple, the holiest temple in the religion of Sikhism, is one of the major attractions in the state and the country of India. Seated and looking all content in the middle of a pond, the temple has golden plates covering its entire surface, giving it the name. 
Chandigarh is the joint capital of Punjab and neighboring Haryana. The city of Chandigarh is considered to be a union territory by the Government of India. Chandigarh is one of the few planned cities in India and was designed by Lutyen, the same man who designed the country’s capital, New Delhi. The city is divided into various sectors, making navigation very easy. The city provides for a smooth stop over point from New Delhi to the interiors of Punjab. Bus, train and roads are the easy way to travel around in the state of Punjab. 
Jallianwala Bagh:
Historic in significance, the Jallianwala Bagh is a memorial site for those who served for the cause of freedom of the country. There are still some bullet holes on the walls of this scenic ancient garden. The site is a major attraction for tourists from within and outside India.
This is the border between India and Pakistan and lies on the Grand Trunk Road. The “lowering of the flags” ceremony is performed here every evening. The event may seem quite hostile but is actually a show put up by the sentries as part of the rehearsed entertainment. 
It is one of the most important towns of the state and is home to a number of attractions. For the shopping enthusiasts, it is a dream destination as it houses a number of fine shopping malls offering a wide variety of apparels. The Punjab Agricultural University is a globally famous university that conducts a fair called Kisan Mela ( Farmer’s fair ) each year. 
Qila Mubarak: 
It is also known as Patiala Fort and was first built as a mud fort or Kachi Garhi. There is a Darbar Hall which has been converted into a mini museum where rare arms and armors like a sword of Nadir Shah are stored. A number of precious pieces of art are also on display, like the exquisite chandeliers. If you are interested in the arms and ammunition of the medieval and early modern ages, then you must visit the Cannon Park which is located within the premises of this massive fort.
Art Gallery at Sheesh Mahal: 
The museums and art galleries occupy an important place among the tourist attractions in Punjab and you can pay visit to the art gallery at Sheesh Mahal in the Patiala city. This art gallery houses a rare collection of miniature paintings and paintings of Kangra, Rajasthan and Patiala styles. There is also a particular section on splendid Tibetan Arts and Artifacts. 
Sukhna Lake: 
Spread over three square kilometers on the northern border of the city, it is a beautiful man-made lake. It is a wonderful spot to escape to from the humdrum of the city life and is ideal for enjoying nature’s beauty in peace. This lake is also a favored spot for the ardent bird watchers as sizeable population of a variety of birds drop in here during the winter months from Central Asia and Siberia. 
Purana Quila, Bhakra Nangal Dam, Mehdiana Sahib Gurudwara, Hussaini Wala Border in Ferozpur, Asafwala War Memorial, Gurudwara Bhabour Sahib and Shahpur kandi fort are some of the other tourist attractions in Punjab that you should not miss out during your tour to Punjab. 
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